Applying Traditional Bathing Powder, with various natural products, during bathing is an age old process in India. Many families love to prepare this powder in a natural way with herbs to get the shine and glow.

Modern world is a full of innovations in the form of Soaps for dry skin, normal skin and so on. What ever may be the innovation, every one is striving for good olden days with peaceful and healthy life.

Indians are preparing Bathing powder from generations together in their homes, but modern lifestyle with busy schedule making people to go for readily and easily available products, but now a days many people from all over the world are trying to re-invent the traditional way of life.

When we discussed about the bathing powder with one older person whose family, is preparing this for their personal use from generations, has shared about the ingredients and quantity and its uses.

Ingredients of Bathing powder:

Green gram, Rice, Zedoary, Pabchi seeds, Curcuma.

Preparation of Traditional Bathing Powder:

Ingredients required: Phaseolus mungo (Green gram) One Kilogram

                                         Oryza sativum (Rice) One fist full

                                         Trifolium unifolium (Pabchi seeds) 100 grams

                                         Curcuma Zedorea (Round Zedoary) 100 grams

                                         Curcuma aromatica (Aromatic Turmeric) One piece.

This powder should apply only on Body and Face. Should Not apply on the Head.

Uses: Skin will shine and glow, also bring back youth look to the Body.

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  1. sri
    Posted September 25, 2013 at 5:21 PM | Permalink

    what r these ingredients like pabchi seeds ;round zedeory i didint understand

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