Do not skip the Meal. Do not Diet

The relation between Fitness and Food are inseparable. Having food well before the work out ensures nutrients and energy to power our body during workout and Post Workout meal do the job of repair and replenishing of our body.

Avoid going to the gym on an empty stomach: Have a light food which is nutritious before going to gym well ahead. (an hour before the workout)

Before workout:

                         Boiled egg,

                   Whole Wheat Bread,


                   High fibre food,

                   Skimmed milk,

                   Oat Meal and Sprouts are the best.

Avoid sweets and sugars such as Honey, Soda (carbonated drinks).

Hydration is very much needed before, during and after workout.

Water with Lemon / Salt will provide instant. Avoid drinks and juices which are loaded with Sugar substances.

Balanced Meal / Diet after workout is most important. Try to ensure Proteins and Carbohydrates combination in a small meal within one hour after the workout.

Protein sources: Pulses ( Soya Bean- Max protein source)

                             Milk and Milk products (Low fat milk)

                             Dry fruits-Nuts( Almonds, Walnuts etc)







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